About Kent Pavelka & Associates

What we do:

KPA is a full-service advertising agency and media/public relations firm. We create campaigns for our clients: radio, TV, print, outdoor, direct mail, e-mail newsletters, and promotional videos. We buy media, produce news releases, and help craft marketing/branding efforts.

How we do it better:

We have Kent Pavelka!  Kent has been on radio and television in Nebraska for just about forever.  He is one of Nebraska’s most effective media personalities because he is passionate, credible, and respected.

Kent contributes his persuasive writing skills to all of our creative:  ad copy and news releases.  (See Public Relations Samples)

For select clients, Kent voices our spots and appears on camera (in print and on billboards as well) as a spokesman or doing product endorsements.  (See Advertising Samples)

For other clients, Kent continues to do general broadcast assignments. (See Broadcasting Samples). In both scenarios, Kent Pavelka becomes an intrinsic part of your company’s brand.